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Live Webcast Thursday April 24, 2014        7:00 ET

Dr. Ron Marks

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April 24
Dr. Ron Marks, chemistry professor at North Greenville University asks the question "How do we know what we know?"  Both the evolutionist and the creationist have a hermeneutic.  Dr. Marks will look at The Hermeneutic of Science and discuss how that can be used in an effective young-earth apologetic.
July 17
Dr. Ron Samec, astronomer and professor at Bob Jones University presents a talk on his Mars Project.
Did RATE affect the solar system? Is this the reason for the topography on Mars?   Dr. Samec proposes that there is a history of volcanic eruptions which produce rain, flash floods, and volcanic flows that created a terraformed Mars complete with streams and lakes and a Martian ocean followed by a dry climate where once water swollen rivers and lakes are dried up and parched and the only water is locked up in subsurface permafrost--leaving a worldwide desert. We call this MARS-RATE DESERT HYPOTHESIS. 


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